iPSP 3.1

Transfer media between your Mac and PSP


  • Perfectly integrates iLife with your PSP
  • Automatically installs components for you


  • Lacks good help section

Very good

If you're the proud owner of a Sony PSP and a Mac, you want to be able to transfer your videos, images and songs easily from both devices. Luckily, iPSP offers a friendly interface through which you can swap all these files with little effort.

At startup, iPSP automatically scans your Mac for all media, and divides files into specific categories such as music, videos, documents and bookmarks. It even lets you backup your PSP gamesaves on your Mac and disc images.

If you're creative enough that you've actually developed games or utilities for the PSP, these can be transferred via the Homebrew section. Your creations can be edited and you can select the format to use.

You'll find a PSP section at the bottom which gives you an overview of how much space all the different media takes up on your Sony device.

I would have liked to see a good help guide to assist you in getting to grips with the program.

iPSP is an intuitive application that makes transferring media to and from your Mac and PSP a cinch.

Adds iLife 08 fixes. Eliminates Photo Mode crash Various bug fixes


  • Adds iLife 08 fixes. Eliminates Photo Mode crash Various bug fixes


iPSP 3.1

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